May 07, 2019| By Lodha Belmondo | Nurture A Healthy Lifestyle

Nurture A Healthy Lifestyle

May 07, 2019 | Lodha Belmondo

Healthy living involves a perennial commitment to a certain lifestyle. It is more than just a 1- hour workout at the gym, or a one-time training stint for an annual marathon. It is the culmination of your everyday routine that accounts for the time and attention you need to give yourself.Such a lifestyle can be a bit difficult to come by in the city, considering the glaring space and time constraints imposed on urban residents on a daily basis. What you need is an environment that is conducive to good health.

An ideal healthy lifestyle has three important traits – it has scope for suitable physical activity, enables a wholesome diet and is free of pollution. 

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest health risks we face today. With cities becoming more and more densely populated, people are being forced into their own corners. Even those who are lucky enough to have parks in their neighbourhoods or gyms around the corner or in their own home, often find it difficult to find time away from their already jam packed schedules for a good workout. However, it is imperative that they do, and that they do it regularly.

It is important however, to remember that even avid runners can’t outrun a bad diet. Which is why ‘you are what you eat’ is a popular battle cry for the fitness enthusiasts of today. But, despite all attempts at eating fresh, modern pollutants have now become nearly omnipresent. Solution? Grow them yourself. In metros like Mumbai and Pune, you might think that this is wishful thinking. But, growing fresh vegetables in your balcony or on your terrace could prove to be an invaluable investment in the long run. A few pots here and there would not only give you the benefits of eating right but would also provide the mental satisfaction of knowing fully well that what you eat is thoroughly safe and utterly natural.

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But, perhaps the city has driven you into a lifestyle that can never be truly healthy. So why not venture outside the urban sprawl? Somewhere you’re never boxed in. Where the air is fresh and the food is pure - from farm to fork. Somewhere you can escape to, away from the city. A place where nature meets the modern luxuries of a city life. Where living healthy isn’t really a chore, but a byproduct of the environment you choose to live in. A place like Lodha Belmondo.

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