June 28, 2019| By Lodha Belmondo | Living Active Is Living Healthy

Living Active Is Living Healthy

June 28, 2019 | Lodha Belmondo

People envision and plan for their future - their insurance, children’s education, investments, etc.
However, the body they live in and the state that it will be in often don’t factor into their calculations.
People do not realise that its significance cannot be discounted. It is therefore imperative that you find
some ‘me time’ in your schedule to properly maintain your health, by staying fit and active. Here’s how
you can do that.

Respect The Body

They say you should treat your body like a temple and mind like a monk. Stay fit. Join a gym, or sign up
for Zumba or mixed martial arts classes, go swimming, do yoga, or switch between all of them at the local
gymkhana so that you don’t find it monotonous. Sports fans might find it more encouraging to take up
the sport that they love. But whatever it may be, find a way to stay active, whatever it takes. Finding
people who share your enthusiasm for health and fitness helps too, through gamification or mutual

Free The Mind

As for the mind, cities like Mumbai that are infamously congested tend to make matters of mental health
complicated. Try distancing yourself from its mess as often as you can. Find green, open spaces like public
parks. If not, you can even look to turn your balconies or terraces into your own personal haven too.
Vacations are also good stress relievers. Even a two-day weekend break away from the city will do. Just
do what you love, relax and make it count.

In an age where people are becoming increasingly health aware, infrastructure that will help you stay fit
are up and coming everywhere. Apartment complexes today often come with gyms, carpet lawns and
open terraces that will help you along the way. Weekend homes like Lodha Belmondo on the MumbaiPune expressway have every amenity for you to maintain an active lifestyle like golf course, swimming
pool, gymnasium, cricket ground, cycling, horse riding, etc. Make the most of them to incorporate more
active hours into your daily schedule.

Cricket Pitch

You are the sole resident of your body. It is up to you to make sure that it stays fit for as long as possible. 

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