April 11, 2019| By Lodha Web | Ultramodern Workplace = Better Productivity

Ultramodern Workplace = Better Productivity

April 11, 2019 | Lodha Web

In recent decades, workplaces have undergone tremendous changes, both in terms of look and their way of conduct. Gone are the days when businesses operated 9-5 and followed an inflexible authoritative structure where employees were restricted to their cubicles.

Today’s employee demands more than a fat package; they demand work-life balance and value job satisfaction. And, they’re not afraid to hop jobs if they don’t find it. Considering the shift in demand and change in the way we work, offices need to keep up to make sure productivity doesn’t drop. Keeping this in mind, ultramodern workspaces are designed to spell collaboration, flexibility, and creativity in their design and culture to cater to the demands of the new-age workforce and maintain productivity.

We discuss certain aspects of an ultramodern office design that helps up productivity.

Promotes collaboration

In the past decades, employees in one department were hardly aware about the people and the work done in other departments. Ultramodern offices are in favour of open office spaces that encourage interactions within small teams, as well as across departments. When employees are free to move around the place, they get to meet new people, talk to them or take their insights on complex projects, expand their knowledge, and better their productivity.

Offers flexibility

Today’s workforce, which surprisingly includes the older generation apart from millennials, prefers a flexible work culture. Now, this not only means flexible working hours but also the ability to work remotely; from home or elsewhere or a choice of work environments. Ultramodern workspaces have various areas, like lounge, café, and meeting rooms that encourages movement and offers employees choice of space based on the task they need to get done. Not only this, ultramodern offices also support telecommuting and work-from-home. When employees get to work comfortably, it helps improve productivity.

Provides privacy

Just like the need for interaction, one also needs privacy. Whether it is to make a private phone call, need for a calm place to accomplish a complex task, improving concentration, or for feedback provisions, employees need privacy at some point or the other. While ultramodern workplace designs have an open office plan, they also provide quiet and private spaces like meeting rooms for work and private conversations. When employees get to work in a space that blends the aspects of collaboration and privacy, it enhances their productivity.

Supports health and well-being

Healthy employees mean low rate of absenteeism, reduced turnover, and increased productivity. Considering the fact that employees spend most of their time at work, sitting and exposure to technology makes them prone to various health problems like backache and stress and anxiety. Apart from offering healthy snacking options, ultramodern offices provide ergonomic furniture and spaces for rest and workout to let employees feel at home and help them lead a healthy lifestyle, which, in turn, increases their productivity.

Provides natural spaces

An average employee spends more than eight hours a day inside their office. This deprives them of the natural elements like fresh air and sunlight. This may result in various physical and mental health issues. Many studies show that being in and around green spaces improves overall health and productivity. Ultramodern workspaces understand this well and consider external environment in their office design. The provision of natural light, fresh air, green spaces, help enhance productivity levels.

Happy employees equal better productivity. Promote a culture that boosts happiness quotient at your workplace and create a design to blend in with it for better productivity.

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