How can your workplace help you unlock your employees’ potentials?

February 07, 2019

Organizations are evolving and adopting new strategies to be at the top of the game. Businesses need to remain relevant in the market to survive the competition. The employees of an organization are the engine that drives these strategies into action. Most business leaders feel that they have an amazing talent pool in place. However, they also feel that they haven’t tapped their employees’ potential fully.

To unlock this hidden potential, a leader must delve deep into management techniques to know what drives their employees at work.


HDFC Bank welcomed at iThink by Lodha, Palava, as they start their operations

January 21, 2019

Shaishav Dharia, Regional CEO, Lodha Group, welcomes Ms. Ashima Bhat , Country Head - Finance, Strategy and Infrastructure, HDFC Bank, as Bank's Back Office Team starts operations at iThink by Lodha Palava.


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