We believe in creating value through values

Our Culture

We have tried to lay out in our culture code, the things, which make Lodha what Lodha is. An exceptional organization, which has delivered tremendous growth, tremendous aspiration, and brought a whole new standard of living to India. What has made us come so far, and what will take us further from here.

  • We are an exceptional company and we will achieve exceptional outcomes.

  • We believe in forthright and direct communication with all our stakeholders.

  • We are unwavering in our commitment to being world-class in all touchpoints.

  • We care about profits.

  • We are nimble in our planning and execution.

  • We learn from our mistakes and strive not to repeat them in the future.

  • We empower our associates to make a difference.

  • We invest in our people and reward for value creation.

  • We expect collaboration & high performance from all our associates.

Our Benefits

We have got you covered with these benefits:

  • Conveyance support

  • Insurance cover

  • 2 work-hours for CSR

  • Relocation support

  • Support for new parents

  • In-house dietician

  • Wellness program

  • In-house health centre

  • Concierge services

  •  In-house library

  •  Creche facility

Employee Engagement

1 /
  • Collaborate to produce better results

  • Bonding over food

  • Fun at Work

  • Meet the champions

  • Associates- Our real owners

  • The thrill of competition

  • Space to rejuvenate your senses

  • Showcase your creativity 

  • Indulge in a game of carrom

  • Ganesha making competition

  • Enjoy a game of table tennis in the evening  

Our Testimonials

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