February 01, 2021 | By BrandEquity | Lodha Developers underlines sense of belongingness in new campaign

Lodha Developers underlines sense of belongingness in new campaign

February 01, 2021 | By BrandEquity

Real estate developer, Lodha Group has unveiled its new campaign ‘Apna Ghar, Isse Accha Kya?’ featuring its brand ambassador - Akshay Kumar. Emphasising on the significance of rootedness, the campaign focuses on bringing out the sense of belongingness one feels while having a place of own than a rented apartment. It conveys the message that owning a home helps one build long lasting relationships with neighbors, invigorates kinship and attachment to the community, and becomes a part of personal identity.

Depicting Kumar as a family man, the campaign film displays how community living strengthens the foundation of many relationships and influences one experiences for a lifetime. The video showcases the key moments in the actor’s life and how a funny dance becomes the connecting factor between him, his daughter and her best friend.

The campaign film aims to highlight that having a permanent residence not just provides a sense of safety and security, but also ensures that one belongs to a community, eventually building relationships and creating memories for a lifetime. Aimed at bringing out the essence of little yet meaningful instances that gradually become the binding element of social relationships, the video captures the enriching glimpses portraying home as the safe abode wherein all the close-knit bonds and heart-felt experiences bind each other as one family.

The campaign also demonstrates the much-needed benefits of living in an own home rather than rented accommodation.

Raunika Malhotra, president, corporate brand and communication, Lodha Group, said, “Beautifully shedding light on the significance of having an own home, the ‘Apna Ghar, Isse Accha Kya?’ campaign invigorates the sense of rootedness and belongingness that one experiences while being a part of a community. The campaign video aptly brings out the essence of having a place of one's own - a place where one can always go back to.”

“The increasing concept of nuclear families has led immediate neighbors and communities to play a crucial role in a kid’s life. This community living experience instills in them a sense of belongingness, further conditioning their personality and becoming a part of their individual identity. Building such attachments and celebrating these relationships throughout life is only a possibility when one can go back to their roots - to the place that one calls it their home,” said Kumar.

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