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We have a diverse and dedicated team, rich in technical knowledge and practical experience. We provide strategic insights and partner with business to continuously improve and optimize the company’s operating and financial performance. We offer and create challenging opportunities and provide a platform for team members to realize their professional dreams.

Jayant Mehrotra

Chief Financial Officer

Current Openings

  • There are no current openings in Accounts, Taxation and Company Secretariat department. Please mail your CV to and well reach out to you when there are any relevant openings.

Selection Process

Once you apply to an open position, one of our recruiters will reach out and guide you through the process for the prospective role. Typically, the selection process consists of series of competency-based structured interviews with our HR and Business teams. You may also be required to take behavioral or functional tests for certain roles. The offer will be extended basis the interview discussions and role fitment. 

Welcoming to Lodha – ACE Induction Program

Arrive, Contribute & Excel (ACE) is our corporate induction program that new associates are a part of during their first two days at Lodha Group. ACE forms an integral part of the associate’s onboarding with us as it gives them an understanding of the organization’s history, culture, values, processes and ways of working. It’s our endeavor to ensure that all new associates have an enriching and engaging joining experience at Lodha Group.

Settling in – Assimilation Program

With an aim to understand how our associates can best experience their work, we rely on a continuous associate feedback strategy. We do this through one-on-one conversations as well as structured surveys.

After an associate comes aboard till completion of 6 months with us, we connect with them every few weeks to ensure an overall healthy early assimilation into our organization’s culture, their team and the new role.

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