Our Sustainability Vision

We are guided by our vision of Building a better life and sustainability is a fundamental part of this vision. We are committed to positively impact the natural environment by bringing sustainability in our core operations, impact our people and our community through inclusivity and philanthropy and bring about an industrial transformation by leading ethically. We endeavour not to contribute to global warming, and operate through a resilient value chain.

As an organization we recognise our responsibility towards the environment, urban fabric and the lives of those who live and work in our development. Our belief is that the growth of our business will be shaped by converging our business goals with the sustainability goals we have set for ourselves.


Our Sustainability Journey

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  • Net Zero Urban Accelerator

    Lodha is committed to reducing emissions significantly to ensure we leave a net positive impact on the environment. To achieve this goal, in partnership with RMI, we have launched the Lodha Net Zero Urban Accelerator - an initiative that will enable Lodha to become a carbon neutral company by 2035.

    Lodha Net Zero Urban Accelerator will offer a development template that can demonstrate — to India and to the world — that growth decoupled from emissions is possible, thus, advancing liveability, and staying true to its promise of building a better life. know more

  • Carbon Neutrality by 2035

    All our projects are planned as sustainable ecosystems with a pre-set performance criteria. With a clear focus on using renewable energy for our operations to the extent possible, we intend to bring down our Scope 1 and 2 emissions and embark on our journey to becoming carbon-neutral by 2035. We also intend to limit the Scope 3 emissions in line with 1.5 deg C ambition.

    We have also committed to set targets on Science Based Targets initiative in Oct 2021. We intend to set the science-based targets within the year 2022.

  • Industry vide ESG benchmarking

    We are placed amongst the top 13% of the global real estate companies assessed by S&P Global with a score of 58 points in the Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) 2021(15th Nov 2021). In the very first year of assessment our score is substantially higher than the global real estate industry average score of 27.

    Our score reflects that being a values-driven company, we have already been performing remarkably on Environmental, Social and Governance aspect. We aim to move to the top 5% of global real estate companies in the next 2 years.

  • Green Certification

    We are embarking on our journey towards carbon-neutrality by ensuring our projects are green certified. We have executed 3.5 million sqft of our commercial office spaces with a minimum of LEED gold certified standard and we are in the process to add more than 10 million sqft of residential developments and approximately 300 acres of warehousing and industrial developments within the ambits of Green certifications.

  • Up-skilling to generate alternate livelihoods

    This Diwali, Lodha extended up-skilling initiatives to 500+ of their support staff and their families. The group supported the families by training them to created Diwali décor items and generated revenue by selling them across their project developments.

    With an underlying motive of encouraging financial independence the aim was to instill confidence and empower people to be able to create an alternate livelihood for themselves.

  • Becoming Water Resilient

    A major component of our journey towards being an environmentally responsible organization is becoming water resilient. We intend to use state of the art technology to create a water resilient ecosystem in one of our largest developments within the next 5 years.

    We are already treating and reusing 100% of waste water across all our projects, through installed cumulative plant capacities of ~30 million litres thus saving 40% of our fresh water needs through recycling and abating demands.

  • Efficient Waste Management

    We are driven by the philosophy of reduce, reuse and recycle; we have clear policies of wastage limits on key construction items. . We make a conscious effort of segregating and recycling our waste to minimize taking our waste to the landfills.

    We have installed more than 15 tons of organic waste processing across our projects and going forward we intend to integrate the waste to energy output catering wider energy needs at select projects.

  • Conserving and growing our biodiversity

    We believe in responsible urbanization which not only preserves natural habitats but enhances and heals the existing biodiversity ecosystems, our Palava city development is an epitome and an ideal case study for preserving and nurturing biodiversity in today’s times. We have developed 100+ acres of green landscape at Palava city, have planted 25000 trees at Thane city and have developed 1.3 lakh sqft of urban forest at Thane city. We have also developed 20 acres of nursery facilities having 3+ lakh plants with 300+ plant species which are mostly indigenous.

    We will continue to responsibly utilize the afforestation lever as a carbon sequestration measure to offset our residual carbon as a part of our GHG emissions inventory.

  • Embracing technology

    As an organization we would like to stay updated with the ever evolving times. Hence as a forthcoming step we would be undertaking a technological transformation to not only achieve operational improvement and revenue growth but also superior customer and associate experience.

    We have created a 2 year roadmap to implement high value solutions and initiatives like Data lake, virtual home tours, Integrated HR solutions, Robotic process automations etc.

  • Energy Conservation

    We are committed to decarbonize our operations and product, and concur with the philosophy of abate, compensate and neutralize as per the foundations of science-based target setting.

    Being an environmentally responsible organization we invest in efficiency and conservation initiatives like 5 star ACs (5.2 ISEER) in select residential projects, premium efficiency motors, regenerative drives in elevators, etc.

  • Renewable Transition

    We have initiated a 100% renewable energy transition for entire project development activities. This sets us on our very optimistic objective of >90% of our construction to happen through renewable energy within FY22.

    We also endeavour to create net zero projects through a mix of on-site and off-site deployment of renewable energy, through all modes of deployment and procurement permitted through prevalent regulations.

  • Green Mobility

    We develop our projects as sustainable ecosystems including having a strong focus on walkability and green mobility. We ensure all our amenities are at a walking distance for the residents and we are also trying to minimize the use of vehicles by strategically planning connectivity with external transportation hubs by encouraging shared mobility.

    Electrical Vehicles charging infrastructure is also being deployed across all our residential and commercial projects through a collaborative venture with Tata Power.

  • Encouraging Gender Diversity

    Our associates are as integral to our long-term sustainability vision as is the environment. We are committed to ‘Building a better life’ for all our stakeholders – associates, customers, vendors and partners. We empower our associates to make a difference by nurturing a culture of innovation and inclusivity at our workplace.

    With our robust people practices we will continue to hire, develop and retain the best talent and embed inclusion and diversity as a part of our cultural ethos.

    We aim to improve gender diversity at our workplace by including more than 25% women by the year 2027

  • Associate wellbeing

    As an organization, customer satisfaction and associate wellbeing are our top priorities when it comes to taking care of our people.

    Driven by our vision of ‘Building a better life’ for our community we have launched a series of initiatives to ensure associate wellbeing. Some of these initiatives being sponsoring a wellbeing program for our associates offering counselling and developing mindfulness services in collaboration with Silver Oak health and also offering career counselling services for young children of our associates in association with Mindler.

    A healthy and a happy associate will ensure a progressing organization.



Building a better Life