As an organization we recognise our responsibility towards the environment, urban fabric and the lives of those who live and work in our development. Our belief is that the growth of our business will be shaped by converging our business goals with the sustainability goals we have set for ourselves.


By 2025, our goal is to ensure that at least 90% of the area developed by us is designed, built, and operated at the level of platinum green rating or better. By 2035, we aim to be a carbon-neutral company. We hope that with ever improving technology, we will be able to meet these goals sooner than planned and aim even higher.


Guided by the legacy of the founding family of this company, which has focussed on public service for many decades, our company, through the Lodha Foundation, works to make an active and positive difference in our society. With a focus on ensuring the employability of at least one member of each family (which we believe ensures the long-term upliftment of the entire family), we focus on primary, secondary and tertiary education enablement, technical training/skill building and self-help groups which supports women to set up businesses.


Our organization strongly believes that trust is the bedrock of any successful enterprise. Our eminent Board of Directors guide us with a view to ensuring continuously improvement in transparency and processes. From our 'no gift' policy to our robust (and often rambunctious) internal audit reviews, from our Prevention of Sexual Harassment committee to our whistle-blower reward process, we are committed to striving to achieve an extremely high level of governance and transparency across all areas of our business.