Our Women Empowerment Vision

India’s female labor force participation is < 20%. There are multitude reasons why this is and as a responsible corporate Lodha is inclined in addressing this issue by executing a multitude of initiatives to empower women with the right skills and the opportunities to enable the women of our community to work more comfortably. The Lodha group plans to invest in running significant skill development programs for women and also in creating highly sustainable, net zero work spaces closer to our communities.


Our Women Empowerment Initiatives

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  • Lodha Unnati

    Lodha Unnati has been designed keeping in mind the constraints that women in the urban sector face when it comes to remaining formally employed.

    The program is about upskilling women and bringing potential employers to the doorstep of the women living at our affordable housing developments. It is about ‘bringing work to women rather than women going to work’.. Read More

  • Enabling Livelihoods

    We focus on bridging learning gaps in young adults, related to technology and life skills. Targeted initiatives train and upskill women and young adults on essentials like computer literacy and other life skills like financial and digital literacy.

    Experienced professionals conduct 12 programmes in a month, impacting close to 280 young adults who are upskilled and certified to build sustainable livelihoods for themselves. We run two training centres for women imparting livelihood skills to enable them to create alternative livelihoods and financially contribute to the family.

    We plan to particularly engage with our contractual support staff families and empower them through upskilling initiatives.



Building a better Life