Our Vision

‘Building a Better Life’ – extends to our commitment to society. We make significant efforts to improve and uplift the areas we work in, and the communities we work with. This is enabled via the Lodha Foundation and an associate driven program – Lodha Guardians of Change. Combined, we have touched lives of over thousands of people.


Our Other Initiatives

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  • Quality HealthCare

    The two years of the pandemic thoroughly tested the healthcare infrastructure across the country. Ensuring easy access to quality healthcare remains a key focus area for the Lodha Foundation. We have deployed mobile medical clinics that deliver quality medical services to community members at their doorstep. We promote sanitation and hygiene through awareness campaigns and interventions to ensure precaution over cure. We undertook proactive initiatives to contain malaria and dengue through awareness sessions on preventive measures. A water tank cleaning campaign helped throw light on hygienic practices to avoid waterborne diseases.

  • Disaster Management: Combatting Covid

    We pull together our resources to deliver rapid relief and long term rehabilitation support to the communities affected by natural calamities and other disasters. The COVID-19 pandemic last year elicited a focus on mitigating the situation at hand, and we beautifully came together to deliver our best as one big family. From a wholly sponsored vaccination drive to distributing free meals and setting up COVID care centres, we stood by our communities as they battled the pandemic.



Building a better Life