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Powai's first signature boutique offices.

Architectural statements and breakthrough design, luxury and landscaped gardens, world-class styling and panoramic views - today's global professionals expect much more from their workspaces than four walls, a desk and a chair. 

With its signature boutique offices, its imprint of luxury and a global lifestyle at work, Lodha Supremus stands for uniquely flexible, customized office spaces, which can expand to accommodate the needs of growing businesses. It also stands for amenities, styling and a level of luxury never seen before. 

Iconic in design. Intelligent in plan. A new corporate landmark takes shape.

The imposing stone and glass facade of Lodha Supremus makes it a landmark, even in an industrial hub. While the grand double–height air–conditioned entrance lobby and the whisper–soft, high–speed elevator that whisks you up to your floor, exude the unmistakable aura of success and power.

That the best ideas often happen during a break, is universally known. At Lodha Supremus, there’s plenty of opportunity for inspiration to strike. Beautifully landscaped gardens and an outdoor cafe invite you to refresh, revive and recharge.

Environment–sensitive planning that brings down a company’s costs, while it enhances the atmosphere you work in.

You can finally focus on what you do best–while everything else– maintenance, security and parking– is taken care of efficiently and unobtrusively.

You can focus on growth & profits,  Because we'll focus on the rest.

The true beauty of Lodha Supremus lies within – in its unique floor plan. Each floor has a flexible plan that can accommodate up to 9 offices ranging in size from 2000 sq. ft. to 19,500 sq. ft. Regardless of the size, every office has been designed to give you the maximum column–free space** to maximize space efficiency, while the generous floor–to–floor height enhances the open, airy ambience of your office. 

Better still, these world–class boutique offices, with their unique, column–free design, give you the flexibility to expand your office space as your business grows. And when you’re ready to draw up ambitious plans and devise breakthrough strategies, your office at Lodha Supremus will silently support you with its abundant natural light, energy–efficient air–conditioning and the advantage of its own executive wash room and pantry.

**except at periphery

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