A Simple Strategy For Your Health Goals

July 18, 2019

Health Goals seem to be this generation’s greatest foe. With long work hours, lofty career goals and mounting responsibilities, eating right and staying fit is one thing that most working people today can’t seem to get right.


Living Active Is Living Healthy

June 28, 2019

People envision and plan for their future - their insurance, children’s education, investments, etc. However, the body they live in and the state that it will be in often don’t factor into their calculations.


Live, Breathe, Exhale - Once In A While Escape To Nature

June 21, 2019

In the daily rigmarole, we live but we forget to breathe. We work hard but we forget to relax. We achieve but we forget to be grateful. I have been there and living in the city you really can't escape the pace it has but practicing yoga over the years, have learned to disconnect and once in a while, take a break


Why You Should Leave Your City Behind

May 23, 2019

Cities are the cornerstones of modern civilization and culture. They are rife with opportunity and always buzzing with activity. They are familiar and have everything you could possibly need. But don’t you feel the rampant pollution and constant traffic, the fast paced lifestyle, work pressure, etc getting to you after a point? Anyone would feel the need to hit the pause button and get away from it all every now and then- a detox from the city.


Nurture A Healthy Lifestyle

May 07, 2019

Healthy living involves a perennial commitment to a certain lifestyle. It is more than just a 1- hour workout at the gym, or a one-time training stint for an annual marathon. It is the culmination of your everyday routine that accounts for the time and attention you need to give yourself.


The Perfect Weekend Getaway: An Essential Guide

April 26, 2019

Cities, especially metros, the likes of Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi and Bengaluru are brimming with opportunity. But the fast-paced lifestyle and the urban hustle and bustle can get quite overwhelming over time. That is why people look to get away from it all over the weekend, and head off to a place of Zen and peace to unwind and relax.


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