February 21, 2019| By Lodha Web | What kind of office do millennials prefer to work in?

What kind of office do millennials prefer to work in?

February 21, 2019 | Lodha Web

Millennials are shaping the workplace scenario. A recent study projects that by 2025, millennials will account for 75% of the workforce globally. They are touted to bring about a shift in the corporate working style in the upcoming decade. With millennials shaping the corporate future, there is a need to relook upon workspace structure. Here are some office design principles that attract the millennial workforce.

Millennials prefer the best of both worlds

A typical millennial isn’t someone who could be restricted to his/her cubicle. At the same time, this individual wouldn’t want a workspace that is too open. He/she is looking out for an office that is a mix of both models – a space that is open for collaboration but at the same time offers privacy as per his/her needs. This kind of setup helps them to hone their skills by brainstorming and also helps them to approach their mentors/seniors freely.

Unconventional office spaces appeal to Millennials

Millennials admire unconventional spaces. The days of dull, mundane colours in offices are ancient history now! Having quirky elements and out-of-the-box designs in your workspace can promote employee creativity. Try introducing a lively colour palette on your office walls. This would not only help your organization to stand out but also foster a positive attitude in employees thereby boosting productivity. If one had to define a millennial-led office space, the definition would be – A premise made up of bold artwork, uncommon illustrations clubbed with an informal environment. Millennials also admire workspaces that encourage them to participate in physical activity.

Millennials appreciate offbeat furniture

The entry of millennials into the corporate world has brought in a renaissance in the office design space. Regular desks and simple furniture have been replaced by comfortable and reconfigurable furniture. Bean bags, yoga mats, adjustable chairs, portable furniture, etc. are now a part of the open office layout. Introducing a comfortable seating arrangement will help to break the monotony of traditional office spaces and give employees freedom of utilising their space as per their requirement. Spunky pieces of furniture always tend to spark their interests.

Blending technology with work culture = productive millennials?

You can’t deny that technology is here to change the future. Millennials are individuals who have witnessed the growth of technology and have grown to love it. They like to do things their own way. That’s why companies have begun to embrace advanced technology that helps them to enhance employee productivity. This tech support enables millennials to work smartly, reduce wastage and conserve energy. Smart apps enable them to maintain timesheets that help them get work done on time and sort tasks as per priority. Some devices also help them to work faster. Advanced security devices like biometric access system and activity sensors help to monitor in-office traffic and energy consumption.

Millennials love the biophilic vibe of offices

This young generation of workforce understands the need for sustainability. The idea of biophilic spaces is appealing to them as it helps them to calm their mind and relax from work stress. Companies are trying to improve their design sensibilities and eliminate the feeling of stuffiness in workspaces thus improving air quality. Many companies believe that exposure to natural lighting increases the happiness quotient of their employees. You could try introducing eco-friendly concepts like furniture refurbished from dead trees or adding a zen garden to your work premise. The nature-friendly vibe of your office could eventually help to stimulate positive feelings amongst your workforce. 

Lastly, millennials are always up for working with organizations that value a healthy work-life balance. Companies should take all these aspects into consideration so that their workspace transition happens seamlessly.

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