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This Festival Experience The Joy Of Gifting A Dream Home To Your Loved Ones

By LODHA 06 October 2022

Gift-giving has been prevalent since the beginning of civilisation. It is an ancient tradition passed on to strengthen our bonds, convey empathy, love and affection and offer something of value and use to the receiver. It is a symbolic gesture of love and empathy. Who doesn’t love receiving a beautiful gift from someone that they love? At the same time giving a gift can be quite rewarding, we feel a strong sense of closeness with the person and you’re happy that you’ve been able to relay your love through gifting.

Researchers at the University of Michigan found that making a contribution to the lives of other people may help to extend our own lives, which is to say people who give, definitely live longer. These findings suggest that it isn't what we get from relationships that make contact with others so beneficial; it's what we give.

And what can be a better gift then gifting a home to your loved ones? After all, a home is an ideal future that you are gifting someone. It is a long-term commitment that will be with you for a prolonged period of time. Home is a place to create precious memories with your loved ones and realise your dreams.

What makes home an ideal gift? 

• Your own home

The best part about your own home - it is YOUR HOME! This means no more landlords. You can now style your home as you like, make the renovations that you want, live your life as authentically and incorporate your lifestyle as you desire into the home of your dreams.

• A new, better beginning

A new home provides a whole new set of opportunities and an avenue to fulfil your dreams and aspirations. It is not only a physical asset, but also an emotional one as it provides the basic security and stability required to be fulfilled before we can move forward in our lives. A home gives us just that!

• Home for financial stability

Real estate is among the safest and stable investment avenues. Unlike equity, it’s not subject to market volatility and offers stable return of investment in the long run. Additionally, taking a home loan inculcates a sense of financial responsibility, which will help you make better financial choices and grow wealth.   

• Create a legacy

When you buy a home, you are creating a legacy for the future generations. Hence it’s imperative when investing in real estate, look for a project by Grade A developer. These projects meet all the legal requirements and are also built with highest level of design & quality, using latest technologies and adhere to principals of sustainability. They make a sound investment, as these projects will also be in demand and fetch good returns.

Grade A developer like Lodha, with a legacy of trust spanning over three decades has created some of the world’s finest developments. Guided by the vision of ‘Building a Better Life’, at Lodha we believe every aspiring Indian deserves a home. To bring this to reality, this festive season we have launched an interest lock initiative whereby you can avail a home loan at the rate of just 6.99% till June 2024. 

So don’t miss this opportunity and gift your loved ones their dream home with Lodha


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